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Roller Heat Press Machine Maintenance Tips

Here’re a few tips to maintain your roller heat transfer machine. Hope will be helpful for you.

1.Be sure always to lubricate all the bearings of the machine.

2.Regularly clean the dust from all accessories of the machine.

3.If you find dust in the circuit board as well as in the fans, considering blowing the dust with an air gun.

4.After a few months of usage, you might find the oil tank empty. Consider refueling the tank before it interrupts operation.

5.You can only refuel the tank with 3 liters of oil at a time.

6.Before starting the machine, pour the fuel into the tank. Don’t heat it yet. Before heating the machine up, allow the oil flows into the bottom of the tank. Wait until the temperature reaches to check whether there is any oil in the tank or not.

7.When you use the turbine reducer, pay close attention to the instruction manual. After using it for a long time, there can be some noise.

8.Consider replacing the oil frequently. Remove and screws and release the oil and replace it with the same amount of oil. It’s recommended to replace the oil after 200 hours of working to ensure a constant flow of work.

9.If you involve the machine in long high-temperature operations, it might leak a small amount of oil; don’t freak out, it’s quite normal.

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How To Maintain The Pneumatic Bearing Of Rotary Heat Transfer Machine In Daily Life?

How to maintain the pneumatic bearing of rotary heat transfer machine in daily life?

1.Inspecting the tool ,workpiece and attachment is in order or not, circuit and pipeline whether the integrity .

2.Cleaning quickly after the pneumatic bearing was used ,and also should inspect the machine whether oil leak,water leakage, electric leakage,and fault removing timely if the machine is breakdown.

3.Oil a machine regularly,which need to add pure oil, otherwise ,which will hinder normal operation and running of the machine and more.

Pneumatic bearing traits of heat transfer machine:

1.Air pressure type scroll also name flatulence shaft, which is as per air compression principle,make them change external diameter,and then they would combine with roll pipe tightly, which is beneficial to deliver and roll for the toll material. At last, the air pressure type scroll would promote operation of rational ,concise,accurate and their automation.

2.The inside main parts of the bearing were expanded delivery when air into internal and occur expansion. and then the external diameter of main bearing would enlarge, which will promoter roll pipe precisely fixing on the axis main body .

3.Expanded parts would shrink when internal air was discharged,and than the bearing core can be took out expediently.

4.Manufacturer introduced that the axis main bodies are made by high stresses steels or aluminum alloy .

5.The pneumatic bearing can be customized as per their requests.

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How To Operate a Roll to Roll Heat Press Machine?

As we all know, roll to roll heat press machine is a sublimation machine with running roller and bottom conveying that has a synchronous tooth that connects both the roller and bottom ironing cloth to ensure consistent operation.

roll to roll heat press machine

The calender heat press machine has a three-meter long double-deck table with a conveyor belt at the bottom. Due to the structure of it, printing roll materials along with sheet materials, are done at ease. It’s an even convenient option for transferring the design to a large piece of material.

There is a cylinder that is heated by oil temperature. It ensures high-temperature precision, heat preservation control system, as well as proper sealing for the finest productions.

sublimation transfer machine How to Operate the Roll to Roll Heat Press Machine?

Although the design and construction seem complicated, operating such a heat press machine is quite easy. With some basic technical skills, anyone can operate the machine.

At first, you need to turn on the ‘power switch’ which is pretty much the same no matter what machinery you are handling. The next step is to turn on the ‘running switch’. It allows the roller to start rolling.

Then, before you put something on the belt to sublimate, adjust the speed governor to run the conveyor belt slowly. Also, adjust the temperature controller to the required setting. Finally, turn on the ‘heating switch’ to make everything suitable to start working.

The roller will start to heat up. During summer, it will take 20 to 30 minutes; and 30 to 40 minutes in winter. The general hot stamping temperature is 1350; you need to adjust the temperature as per your projects require.

For air pressure selection, you need to adjust the ‘pressure regulating valve’ and ‘tension control valve’ on the left and right sides to ensure appropriate pressure.

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Disadvantages and Advantages of Sublimation Transfer Machine

The sublimation transfer machine is a machine that prints by pressure and temperature through two plates. It allows the users to control the pressure, temperature, and duration of the printing process. Today, we are going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the heat press machine.

sublimation transfer machine

Disadvantages of Using Sublimation Transfer Machine

  •  Print tends to fade away due to continuous washing.
  • The prints cannot be ironed.
  •  Not appropriate for bulk printing.
  • Laying multiple colors feel bulky and heavy on the garments.
  •  Not good at printing dark t-shirts as it only suits bright t-shirts.
  •  Time-consuming for printing large numbers of t-shirts.

Advantages of Sublimation Transfer Machine

sublimation transfer printing

  • Requires minimal technical skills to operate the heat press machine.
  • The machine takes limited space; you can keep it in one corner of the room — no need to arrange a specific space for setting up the machine.
  • Compared to a screen printing machine, this one is less messy. It also ensures zero ink spills on t-shirts as you bring the design to the studio for printing.
  • Heat press machine is able to print high-quality, complex, and images of many colors with decent image resolutions.
  • For small businesses, it’s affordable and cost-friendly. You can use it to print a low quantity of garments.
  • The machine allows you to print on a wide variety of fabrics such as cotton, satin, synthetic, and spandex.
  • You can also print on various materials such as tiles, mugs, mousepads, umbrellas, and more.
  • Works great at pressing photographic materials.
  • Machines are affordable.

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How to Sublimate A Mug without Heat Press Machine?

Mugs with inspirational quotes, images of iconic public figures, and creative designs are getting popular day by day. If you don’t have a professional heat press machine, still you can sublimate your favorite mug with custom graphics and design.

heat press machine

To get it started, firstly, you need to print your own design(pr an image). You can collect it from the internet as well. When you finalize the design, please print it out on the heat transfer paper. Be sure to consider the size of your mug and then print it. Don’t forget to mirror your design, too.

Attach the transfer paper onto the mug; the design should face towards the mug surface. After lining up the design, secure it with heat-resistant tape. Dampen the transfer paper using a towel. It will put enough pressure onto the transfer paper as you are not using a heat press machine.

Now, place the wrap around the mug. Don’t wrinkle the transfer paper, and clamp it. Here comes the main trick. Instead of using a heat transfer machine, you need to use an oven to print the design on to the mug. It might sound wired, but once you see the result, you will love the idea.

It’s a non-professional, cost-effective, and home-made way to sublimate your personal mugs. Consider the heating instructions that came with the thermal transfer paper, and bake the mug inside the oven for about 14 minutes at 425oF.

When it’s done, take out the mug and remove the tape and transfer paper. Your expected design should already be there.

You can wash the mug through scrubbing as it’s dishwasher and microwave safe. If you plan to sell sublimated mugs, consider getting a mug sublimation heat press machine, as it’s more efficient at sublimating mugs of large quantity.

Any questions, please contact us. Thank you for your reading.