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Why you Need A Heat Press Calender for T-shirt Printing Business?

Believe it or not, one of the businesses that you could easily start is a t-shirt printing business.  You’re probably thinking that it requires special knowledge and many years of experience. Actually, it’s no truth. You only need a Heat Press Calender.

heat press calender

Huge Demand for T-shirts

T-shirts are a natural choice to commemorate special events. They are functional. They look good. They don’t cost all that much money. Plus, they can be printed up fairly quickly and easily. The same considerations apply to family reunions. The list of events goes on and on. Don’t think of t-shirts as just fashion or items that you seek out at boutiques at a mall somewhere. In most cases, t-shirts are made for excellent remembrance of events.

heat transfer machineHow Does a T-shirt Heat Press Machine Work?

You only need to lay the shirt that you’re printing on a flat surface, then apply the vinyl design (paper surface) that you’re going to transfer. Then apply the t-shirt heat press machine right on top of the transfer paper. Think of it as a giant flat steam iron. That’s all it is! It applies heat on the vinyl transfer so the vinyl sticks to the shirt. No mess. No drama. All good. In fact, after as little as twenty seconds, you have yourself a nice-looking and professionally-printed t-shirt.

It’s very quick. And even if you’re dealing with fairly-high local labor prices, you can still generate a quite decent profit margin with your t-shirt heat transfer machine. These machines crank out shirts so fast that you can save money on labor by hiring one part-timer to take care of all your clients’ t-shirt design and printing needs. Also, due to the huge number of t-shirt brands and direct manufacturers coming from overseas, your biggest cost, the t-shirt, is getting cheaper and cheaper every year. Even t-shirts made of the finest cotton fibers are going down in price.

Put all these factors together and you’ll be looking at a fairly lucrative business with a heat press calender.

How to Protect Ourselves From CoronaVirus?

1. Wear masks outdoor and have your temperature taken.

Wearing a mask is one of the most effective ways to protect you from getting infected. Make sure to wear it properly by tightening up the nose clip and pulling the bottom of it over your chin so that your nose and mouth are both covered. If you are not feeling well or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough and trouble breathing, a mask is also needed to prevent you from spreading viruses to others. Surgical masks used by medical workers are not recommended for common people as they may lead to oxygen deficient if worn for long periods.


2. Please don’t talk and avoid physical contact.

Don’t stand too close, take at least 1 meter distance.


3. Wash your hands frequently and properly.

Wash your hands with soap and running water thoroughly for at least 15 seconds
Wash hands before eating and after using the toilet.
After returning home, after touching trash or garbage, after contacting with animals or handling animal wastes.


4. Strengthen your immune system and exercise regularly.

Exercise regularly is one of the most important ways to help you stay away from catching any infections.


5. Make sure that shared spaces have good airflow and avoid going to crowded places such as hospitals, railway stations, and airports. Wear a mask if transport or movement is necessary.


Hope these tips could help you stay healthy.

Select A Appropriate Roller Heat Press For Your Business

According to the standard design of the drawings of the clothing, after the cut but has not been sewing clothes, it can be cloth can also be paper, so in order to carry out the roll heat press printing process, select the appropriate type of film roller heat press machine must be very key, which will be a direct impact on the quality of clothing printing the key. From the printed pattern can be seen, if the quality can be better, certainly can get the customer’s unanimous trust.

roller heat press machine

Of course, can also be on the shoe material, when use roll heat press machine to print piece by piece, if the roller diameter in the appropriate circumstances, will certainly be able to ensure that the printing of the graphic clarity and bright and beautiful to get a better presentation, Its transfer performance will definitely get the customer’s full trust, so when purchase of equipment, need from the actual situation to start that we can get more customers trust.

Overall, the choice of a more reliable piece of roller printing machine can certainly provide more convenience for garment processing, but also in the overall effect will be very in place, and then the performance of the quality will be very prominent, for the roller heat press machine,we should have a comprehensive understanding of the equipment performance and type of model, when have a comprehensive understanding, that can to ensure that the printing process can provide greater convenience.

sublimation printing

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The Main Advantages of Roller Heat Transfer Machine

There are many types of printing machines in the current market. When we choose, we not only need to look at the specific scope of use, but also need to understand the advantages of use. The roller printing machine is very popular in the market as a printing equipment, and it is also used in many industries. Let’s look at the specific advantages of using it.

rotary heat press machine

1. According to our understanding, it can be found that in the actual mechanical equipment, blankets are imported raw materials. So when the roller printing machine is used specifically, we can find that the actual service life is very long. The most important thing is the overall sound effect is very good. As long as we all want to know in detail, we can have a better understanding of these devices.

2. From the existing market situation, the product is very user-friendly in terms of specific design, and it is relatively simple in operation. The refined design and polishing not only guarantee the quality of the printing machine, but alsothe whole transfer effect is very good in the process of use. So that we can understand the value of this equipment in detail, and it also sales wellin the existing market.

roller heat transfer machine

From the above two advantages, we can see that the overall shape and actual design can be seen when actually selecting the roller heat press machine. If these are better designed, we can know the actual advantages when we choose to use it. The most important thing is that the transfer effect of the roller printing machine has been supported and liked by many people. Many industries are updating the use of such printing machines, so that products can be sold in many places in more forms. It is indeed the right choice.

The Application Of Sublimation Paper In Science And Technology

People have used dye sublimation printers for years in order to create different types of amazing designs and projects. Let’s talk about some of the amazing things that you can do with your dye sublimation paper in science and technology.

sublimation paper

1.Create Fantastic Campaign Materials

Sublimation transfer paper is often used to create campaigns for elections or for marketing. In order to create good campaign materials, you first need to select a theme for the campaign and then buy the dye sublimation paper color and type that you need. If you select the wrong type of sublimation paper for your campaign materials, then the final product could be flimsy or easily smudgeable. Make sure to check your dye sublimation paper requirements before buying it.

2.Medical Imaging

Dye sublimation ink is often used in order to document medical problems. The way the paper works is that it can reveal things in a medical image that wouldn’t otherwise show up on the screen. With a regular medical image, it could be hard to find breaks in the bone or get under the surface of the skin. Dye sublimation paper fixes this problem by magnifying certain problems and helping to clear up the medical image.

sublimation printing

3. Create Designs for Tapestries

Many tapestries have the consistency of coloring that dye sublimation paper and ink brings to the table. If you want to design a tapestry of some sort, then try doing so with dye sublimation paper and ink. This will save you time and money when you go to actually create the tapestry. You can even sew through the image if necessary to create your tapestry design to the liking of the sublimation paper image.

No matter what you are using your transfer paper for, know that you can make amazing prints with the dye sublimation printer.