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How to Protect Our Wide Format Heat Press Machine?

How to Protect Our Wide Format Heat Press Machine?

A wide format heat press machine is the heart of our dye sublimation printing business. We should always take care of it if we want it to give you the best at all times. The heart press requires some maintenance to run efficiently, just like any other machine, And these maintenance checks should be conducted at regular intervals for an efficiently running machine. Note that proper maintenance will extend the lifespan of our heat press machine.

wide format heat press machine

1. Dust Heat Press Regular
Built up dust can make the machine run hotter. Therefore, keep dust off both the exterior and interior components of our heat press calender.

2. Lubricate Heat Press Machine
Apply high heat and extreme pressure lubricant or a white grease to the pistons and rods of our heat transfer machine with a cotton swab or a rag. It will help the lowering and lifting of the platens become a smoother motion. We should only need to do this about once a year. Of course, it’s okay to do it more than once a year.

rotary heat transfer machine 3. Minimum Use Emergency Stop Switch
During the use of the process, the emergency stop switch, on roller heat press machine should to minimum use to avoid shortening the life of the chain, towline, belt.

4. Check Machine regular
Please often check the roller heat press machine safety valve, bearings, transmission parts to make sure the action sensitive and reliable.

5. Refuel Heat Transfer Machine Before Operating
Each time before operating, roller heat transfer machine on the activities of the site must be refueling according to the rules.

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