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What’s the Role of Rotary Heat Transfer Machine in Printing Industry?

What’s the Role of Rotary Heat Transfer Machine in Printing Industry?

Rotary heat transfer machine is also a heat transfer printer, used in the printing industry, then compare other printing technology? What are the advantages of heat transfer machine? Now, let’s make a simple understanding.

Roll to roll heat press is equipped with sublimation ink printer. Rotary heat transfer machine for making clothes when used for printing to transfer the map.

rotary heat transfer machine

The advantages of rotary heat transfer printing: typical is as the technology matures and the popularity of thermal transfer printer price dropped to the general public are obviously acceptable, but there are a lot of people do not know the price, now add printing supplies, direct printing has been actually printing costs cheaper than.

There are two main modes of rotary heat transfer code: batch mode and continuous mode:

Intermittent mode: the packaging film moves after the stop, the print head is lowered and starts to move along the packaging film and the ribbon, which is the print head begins to print.

Continuous mode: packaging film is constantly moving, beginning when the packaging film is triggered, and the ribbon accelerated to speed and film the same, when the print head is reduced, began to print, to be printed at the end of the print head will be restored to its original position, the ribbon will stop moving.

Specific requirements for the performance of heat transfer machine:

Code printer: strong adaptability, strong structure can provide Markem Imaje, left and right mobile phone mobile phone operation, high speed production line to meet the demand.

Ribbon box: with a variety of ribbon saving function, code machine and ribbon box with the ability to print a series of two-dimensional code.

rotary heat press

The controller: clear operation, coder offer multi user interface options, and a dedicated button function.

Printing effect: heat transfer printing machine to provide a variety of printing mode (intermittent mode, continuous mode.)

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