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What’s The Function Of Rotary Heat Transfer Machine?

What’s The Function Of Rotary Heat Transfer Machine?

Rotary heat transfer machine can apply in the crystal, metal plate, ceramic tile, ceramic, plastic, wood, gypsum stone, cardboard, cards and other permeability and impermeability materials. it can print directly to high-quality, never faded photos, a wide range of product applications, the market demand potential.

The Features Of Heat Press Machine:

1. Multifunction

It can apply for variety of materials, such us metal, ceramic tile, ceramic, plastic, wood, gypsum stone, cardboard, etc.

2.Print effect

Realistic printing effects, printers using economical and high-quality fast-drying ink, saving customers operating costs.

3.stable quality

No additional maintenance of sophisticated design to prevent print head plugging flexible adjustment between the print platform and the exact distance between the print head, print more accurate.

4.Small investment

Easily complete high-efficiency printing orders Digital printing shop to increase business scope, improve the market competitiveness of the best solution.

The advantages of the Rotary Drum Heat Press:

1)Simple and convenient operation: no plate and repeat the chromatography process, easy to maintain;
2)Print speed: low input costs, high-speed printing is fully applicable to industrial mass production;
3)To overcome the material boundaries: Can print any medium within the specified thickness, completely overcome the traditional printing methods can only use special paper and special specifications, you can use very thin or very thick objects, the thickness of up to the thickness of the object It is 18 centimeters

4)Automatic Cleaning System: Significant head blocking function According to the consumer’s choice to cycle in various modes of automatic cleaning of the print head, so to prevent nozzle clogging.
5)High-precision printing perfect: The use of the company’s production of special ink, the output of the image realistic effects, to photo quality. Image waterproof, sun protection, abrasion resistance, never fade.



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