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What’s The Characteristic of The Calender Heat Press Machine from The Side of Technical

What’s The Characteristic of The Calender Heat Press Machine from The Side of Technical

What’s The Characteristic of The Rotary Heat Press Machine from The Side of

Nowadays, in order to improve of working effect, the wide format Calender heat
press machine is getting more and more popular. The performance of the large
large format can help people transfer large quantity fabrics at a time. Then do
you know what’s the technology characteristic of it and what should you take
care when operate this calender heat press machine? Read the following and I
will share you more.

The number of electronic display thermostat control temperature, accuracy (±
2 ℃), and there are fine-tuning knob heating wire and heating plate as a whole,
safe, durable, heat distribution uniform heating plate peptide fluoride anti-stick
coating electron Time control, process to complete the signal to indicate the
pressure to adjust the floor installed arbitrarily high temperature foam silicone,
temperature up to 400 ℃.

Operation process Note
Roll to roll heat press machine must have a suitable and reliable protection of
the ground. Plug the power supply, turn on the power switch, the power
indicator will light up. The thermostat adjust to the required temperature, until
the temperature reaches the set temperature, the upper part of the thermostat
instructions off, then you can start working.The time controller will be adjusted
to the required time. Transfer items placed on the next hot plate, and then put
on the hot paper (note the front and back of the heat transfer paper), the
handle force down to the end.

Do not exceed 30 kg, otherwise it may cause deformation of the handle. When
the time of the controller is indicated, the buzzer will sound up and the handle
will be lifted up to the original position. If it is a cold-tearing heat transfer
paper, please use a blackboard to wipe the ironing paper again, wait 5 to 10
After the second, and then tear the tear to tear. If it is hot-torn Tang Hua paper,
hot stamping finished immediately torn off the heat paper. Successful hot
stamping need to have the right time, temperature and pressure with each
other, clothing The thickness and the type of material and heat transfer paper
all affect the effect of hot stamping. Please ask your hot paper suppliers to
check the hot stamping information.

Okay, These all above are my share about the characteristic of Calender heat
press machine and some operation tips when use this machine. If you have any
other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide
you with the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to
you. Thank you for your reading.



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