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These Types Of Heat Transfer Machine, Do You Know?

These Types Of Heat Transfer Machine, Do You Know?

How many types of printing machinery and equipment do you know? Now I will introduce 4 common use heat transfer printing machines to you.

1.Roller heat transfer machine

Heat transfer printing machine is a newly emerging in the printing equipment. It was introduced into China from around 2000, and so far, it has been formed

2.Heat press machine

Heat press machine is one of the heat transfer equipment,it is generally used for small batch, garment printing,can not do mass production,also can not transfer roll fabric. The cloth printing area is a rectangle fabric. So the production is not big,and it is very waste labor.

heat transfer machine

3.Digital direct injection printer

This is a wide range of applicability of a printing machine. The machine is more expensive, higher production costs, more suitable for proofing, so in general, is not very high, it will use heat transfer printing equipment.

4.Screen printing machine

Screen printing machine is the use of slurry. Is more suitable for an umbrella, printing clothing stereo pattern. There are still a lot of doing business. But the serious water pollution. So the country vigorously remediation. So more and more north area selection screen printing and thermal transfer combination.

heat transfer printing machine

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