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What Should We Pay Attention to When Using a Textile Heat Press Machine?

What Should We Pay Attention to When Using a Textile Heat Press Machine?

The textile heat press machine is a large machine which plays an essential role during the process of sublimation printing. Therefore, we need to pay attention to some factors that will affect the result of our products when we use it.

textile heat press machine

1. Temperature and time

In this process, the rotary heat press machine requires temperature control in the 180 ℃ ~ 230 ℃ range, and the time is about 10 ~30s, while paying attention to the reasonable allocation of temperature and time.

rotary heat press machine2. Sublimation ink

Sublimation transfer technology, the key material mainly by disperse dyes, connecting materials, solvents and a small number of additives. Dye sublimation ink should have good sublimation transferability and permeability. And reached a certain degree of fastness indicators, the molecular weight of 23O ~ 380, sublimation temperature of 180 ℃ ~ 240 ℃ commonly used transfer printing dye anthraquinone dyes, azo dyes, and cationic dyes and so on.

calender heat press machine 3. Pressure

The pressure is also one of the important points when we use textile heat press machine. For example, if the pressure is too small, the gap between the fabric and the transfer paper is large, the yarn is round, the ink gas molecules collide with the air and escape, resulting in poor printing effect, while the ink is also easy But the pressure is appropriate, the yarn is flat and the transfer paper between the gap is appropriate, the transfer coloring effect is good, clear pattern, smooth lines Fine: If the pressure of calender heat press is too large, it is prone to deformation, fluff and heavy fabric morphological changes and other issues, resulting in rough and color rendering and other shortcomings. Therefore, the control of the transfer pressure on the printed pattern, clear pattern, visual effects and so very critical.

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