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Take Care of The Common Mistakes When Use The Rotary Heat Press Machine (01)

Take Care of The Common Mistakes When Use The Rotary Heat Press Machine (01)

Take Care of The Common Mistakes When Use The Rotary Heat Press Machine

In the operate process of the wide machines, we should always take care in
case the mistakes happen and damage it. So same as the rotary heat press
machine. We should always pay attention to many small tips in order the
damage of it and our own safety in the process of operation. Then today I will
share you some common mistakes when use the Calender heat press machine.
Read the following and get to know more.

Not using the right sublimation paper Different Weight of The Sublimation
When you buy the sublimation transfer paper, your suppliers must ask you
which size and the weight of the sublimation paper you want to choose.
Because the sublimation paper can be divided into the light-weight and the
high-weight. So have a good choice is very important. For example, if you want
to print a dark or complex picture you should choose the high-weight
sublimation paper.Because the high weight sublimation paper has the high ink-
loading. It can help you print your patterns better and vividly.

Different Model of the Sublimation Paper
You must know that the sublimation paper can also be divided into the fast
dry and sticky sublimation paper. The fast dry sublimation paper can help you
save your time just becaus your patterns printed by the sublimation ink can get
dry in a short time. Also the application of the fast dry and the sticky
sublimation paper is also different.The fast dry sublimation paper aways use the
100% polyster and the sticky sublimation paper always use with the fabric with
the elasticity such as the cotton.

So when you use the Calender heat transfer machine, you should pay attention
to the sublimation paper. These above are part share about the tips that you
should better pay attention to, the following tips I will keep sharing you in the
next article tomorrow. If you have any need or questions welcome to contact us
at any time. We will provide you with the best quality product and service.
Welcome to contact us at any time. Thank you for your reading.


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