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Why does Sublimation Transfer Paper Suitable for Heat Transfer Printing Machine?

Why does Sublimation Transfer Paper Suitable for Heat Transfer Printing Machine?

Heat transfer printing machine is a popular equipment in the market now. Its printing color is bright and it can be repeated printing and dyeing. More importantly, the quality of printing and dyeing is absolutely superior. Below the technician of Fei Yue Paper INC. for you to summarize.

Why does Sublimation Transfer Paper suitable for Heat Transfer Printing Machine?

1. According to the surface quality of heat transfer paper, the glue on the back and the coating are very uniform, and the coating will not be uneven or lose powder like some paper on the market

2. The heat transfer paper does not need the printer to improve the rubbing wheel. The feed is very even and the coating is perfect

3. The printing color is very similar to the display color, which changes the problem of printing color deviation in the past

4. The biggest advantage is that there is no need to use special ink for scald any more. You can use dye/water-based ink to hit it beautifully

5. Easy transfer printing, hot tear oh, 185-degree 18-20 pressure tear, or 190-degree 18s, the color transfer printing is very bright, more than the red bar and the color of mag are hundreds of times brighter

6. Washing test. After washing, the color will not drop at all and the fastness will reach 8 levels. There will be no problems in hand-washing and washing with washing machine

Heat transfer printing paper is no longer suitable for heat transfer printing machine, which is inseparable from his advantages and characteristics. Our Fei Yue Paper Industrial printing heat transfer printing machine is all using excellent heat transfer printing paper, our feiyuepaper printing is absolutely guaranteed quality!

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