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What is the sublimation roll heat press? Heat sublimation transfer printing?

roll to roll heat press

What is the sublimation roll heat press? Heat sublimation transfer printing?

What is the sublimation roll heat press? Heat sublimation transfer printing?

dye sublimation machineSublimation roll heat press is a roll to roll heat press machine to print on roll to roll fabrics and cut pieces, which is the easy operation through the continuous system, Electronic contactor switching for noise-free and zero maintenance, Rewind roller adopted to roll the finished printed paper, and use the digital micro controller to control all the parameters like, drum rotation, temperature, etc.

Rotary presses can suit for sublimation transfer T-shirt, large banners, flags, non- woven fabrics, apparel fabrics, blankets, towels, mouse pads, scarves, and other products in the piece, Especially the roll fabrics need to continuous

It is known to all that heat transfer printing with sublimation printing machines is commonly used in the creation of T-shirts, logo garments, and advertising banners. It is reasonably economical and can produce a high volume of printed items during a single session. Heat transfer printing of the kind referred to above, though, creates a much larger potential volume of waste than sublimation printing using a digital printer, as it requires the transfer themselves to be created, which becomes refused once a job is complete. The sublimation printer has no such run-off and so is commonly seen as more environmentally findustrial heat pressriendly.

This sublimation fabric printing machine can be used for both roll material and sheet material heat transferring.
The feature of this roller heat press machine is below:
1. Roller surface with Teflon coat, high hardness,wear-resistant,anti-sticking.
2. Digital temperature and speed hardness,wear-resistant,anti-sticking
3. Oil heating, temperature uniformity(±1-2°C) no deviations of color.
4. Using imported heating pipes, heat evenly, durable; imported blankets which are not easy to deviate.
5. The blanket is detachable, and not easy to burn; with belts putting for installing and fixing the belts.
6. Without smoke and abnormal odor

Sublimation roll heat press for sublimation transfer printing is suitable for sublimation transfer large banners, flags, T-shirt, nonwoven fabrics, apparel fabrics, towels, blankets, mousepads, and other products in the piece, especially the continuous transfer of the cloth, which can be capable of continuous sublimation transfer printing speed, to meet the needs of large volume printing the customer. Then, with it, you can print your design onto fabric using pressure and heat.

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