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Sublimation Ribbon Heat Transfer Machine Not Choose Expensive But Only Choose the Right

Sublimation Ribbon Heat Transfer Machine Not Choose Expensive But Only Choose the Right

Due to the personalized needs of ribbon printing, ribbon printing areas also tend to individuation, comfortable change ribbon thermal transfer machine due to the high precision printing, no plate making, bulk flexible, environmental protection, cover an area of an area small advantage, more and more popular with the masses. However, how to choose a suitable sublimation ribbon heat transfer machine has become a new problem. This paper discusses several factors that need to be considered in choosing the textile belt printing machine. Hoping to give you some enlightenment.

Selection of Sublimation Ribbon Heat Transfer Machine

Digital direct injection machine is not used for direct basically ribbon printing. Thermal transfer printing due to its double for ribbon printing transfer printing at the same time, reduce artificial time cost. Transfer printing technology investment is small, high precision printing. And direct injection process generally need fabric sizing, steaming, washing, relatively big investments. But the fabric applicability is wide and can be used polyester, nylon, cotton, hemp, silk, wool. Such as modal fabric types.

Selection of fabric form

Fabric form means that the ribbon can be printed, the hanging rope can be hung, the improved machine can be printed zipper printing, or the ability to print the ribbon and cutting pieces at the same time. According to the main types of fabric, enterprises can decide to choose ribbon printing machine, zipper printing machine, or ribbon cutting machine.

The technical ability and sustainable development of the manufacturer

When selecting the ribbon printing machine, the technical ability and sustainable development ability of the manufacturer should be investigated, which are mainly reflected in:

What is the r&d strength of the manufacturer? The r&d strength of the manufacturer determines the market competitiveness of its products, whether the equipment used can keep pace with The Times, whether it can be upgraded, whether it can have a new generation of production

Ribbon printing machine factors to consider, select the appropriate oneself production requirements of the machine. So the choice of machinery and equipment, can consult with professionals, combined with their own actual situation and needs to make a choice. The basic principle of choosing a digital printer is not to choose the most expensive one, but only the one that suits you best.

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