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What is Sublimation Calender Machine? What are the Features of the Oil Drum Heat Press Machine?

What is Sublimation Calender Machine? What are the Features of the Oil Drum Heat Press Machine?

Sublimation Calender Machine is called rotary heat press machine. It is used to continuingly transfer dye-sublimation prints onto a fabric. Machines like this are used in many types of applications. You can use it for printing fabric rolls, creating signage, producing flags, working with cut part pieces for cut-and-sew apparel, and even for making pieces of ribbon or long straps.

Sublimation Calender Machines are typically manufactured two different ways and come in widths that range from 10–220″. The two types of presses are referred to as a roll-to-roll rotary press and a cut part rotary press (the latter features a table). Our company mainly sales roll-to-roll rotary press machine! The roll to roll heat press machine also called oil drum heat press machine.

Roll-to-roll rotary press machine: This type of rotary press is used to transfer your designs on to a roll of fabric. The items you will need with a roll-to-roll rotary press include pre-printed transfer paper, tissue paper, and fabric. The pre-printed transfer paper has a slight tackiness to it, and it’s used to hold the fabric in place. The tissue paper keeps the sublimation ink from getting on to the belt that goes around the drum. The three items listed above are loaded onto the unwind rods of the rotary press. They come together and go through the press, looping around the heated drum. This part of the process is called the “dwell time,” and this is where the sublimation process happens. The rewind rods then roll up the now-printed fabrics, the used transfer paper, and used tissue paper.

What are the Features of the Oil Drum Heat Press Machine?

These machines are specially used for industrial using for mass production. It can do heat-transfer with various colors using sublimation ink or solvent ink on textile fabrics such as cotton, hemp or chemical fiber and etc. With automatic rewinding function, they are especially economical and practical to process sublimation transfer for whole cloth, fabric and etc. These machines’ controlling system adopts updated technology and imported units and has the characters of automatic positioning, electronic accuracy, security, high reliability and long service span. Unlike manual presses, it can save energy, save time but increase your productivity!


1. Digital Temperature Control

2.Digital Timer

3. Adjustable Pneumatic Pressure

4.Custom sizes are acceptable

6. Quality Assurance System

7. Large Productivity

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