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How to Sublimate A Mug without Heat Press Machine?

How to Sublimate A Mug without Heat Press Machine?

Mugs with inspirational quotes, images of iconic public figures, and creative designs are getting popular day by day. If you don’t have a professional heat press machine, still you can sublimate your favorite mug with custom graphics and design.

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To get it started, firstly, you need to print your own design(pr an image). You can collect it from the internet as well. When you finalize the design, please print it out on the heat transfer paper. Be sure to consider the size of your mug and then print it. Don’t forget to mirror your design, too.

Attach the transfer paper onto the mug; the design should face towards the mug surface. After lining up the design, secure it with heat-resistant tape. Dampen the transfer paper using a towel. It will put enough pressure onto the transfer paper as you are not using a heat press machine.

Now, place the wrap around the mug. Don’t wrinkle the transfer paper, and clamp it. Here comes the main trick. Instead of using a heat transfer machine, you need to use an oven to print the design on to the mug. It might sound wired, but once you see the result, you will love the idea.

It’s a non-professional, cost-effective, and home-made way to sublimate your personal mugs. Consider the heating instructions that came with the thermal transfer paper, and bake the mug inside the oven for about 14 minutes at 425oF.

When it’s done, take out the mug and remove the tape and transfer paper. Your expected design should already be there.

You can wash the mug through scrubbing as it’s dishwasher and microwave safe. If you plan to sell sublimated mugs, consider getting a mug sublimation heat press machine, as it’s more efficient at sublimating mugs of large quantity.

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