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Subli-calender Heat Press- Effectively Protect Your Products Quality!

calender heat press

Subli-calender Heat Press- Effectively Protect Your Products Quality!



If the product quality can be effectively protected, naturally can get customers more understanding, to achieve the degree of recognition will be greatly improved. The choice of heat transfer equipment can have more prominent advantages in the performance, can work in a variety of sublimation fabrics, leather products, large-scale blessing and flags and other materials.

calender heat press

sublimation calender

If you are just starting out on the roll drum heat press scene, then getting a starter heat transfer press is the one for you. This heat press machine is an affordable way to start a small imprint fabric business, according to Sign Warehouse. These presses are not designed for high volume production. They are simple to use and can be compact, meaning they don’t take up a lot of space.


Sublimation transfer paper on the picture transfer to the substrate, that is, thermal transfer paper; transfer printing paper after a certain Time, temperature and pressure control, pictures are printed on the cloth; commonly used heat press machine “impression king” shaking head heat press machine, cup heat press machine,  cap heat press machine, plate heat press machine, flat heat press machine and so on.

roll to roll heat press

heat press

Heat transfer printing processing technology can also use a variety of transfer materials, to achieve different printing effects, the most important film transfer and sublimation transfer. Film transfer transfer paper containing colloid, and then high temperature and high pressure way to print the gum pattern on the product surface.


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