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Some Tips About Using Rotary Heat Transfer Machine

roller drum heat transfer machine

Some Tips About Using Rotary Heat Transfer Machine

Some Tips About Using Rotary Heat Transfer Machine

roller heat press machineRoller heat press machine needs to grasp the skills, there are some motives for having an effect on printing performance. the following hints about using rotary warmness transfer desktop from the operation of some of the clients

① Setting switch speed and alter roller drum temperature to the excellent temperature to attain the set temperature to wait for the temperature fluctuation three times, the temperature is stable and then switch operation.

② According to the weight of the paper or stiffness, modify the strain between the blanket and warm curler drum.

③ Heat switch a small sample to make certain steady and splendid tension.

④ Please make the transfer pattern earlier than batch transfer to decide whether the temperature and pace of the color are appropriate.

⑤ Before warmness transfer, do away with scraps, cilia and different attachments on paper, which avoid this debris caught in the switch paper and material induced by printing defects.dye sublimation machine

⑥ Ensure your sublimation transfer paper dry because massive water in switch paper will be in the sublimation procedure in the heat generated a lot of water vapor, making the switch paper softening the loss of stiffness, resulting in indirect and water ripples and different failures.

⑦ when the transfer of paper and cloth can be reduced into the front of the inverted V-shaped to the middle of the first to go, you can also use the width of the card than the transfer cardboard guide the front, so that the entire floor can be smoothly into the rotary drum heat press Avoid tilting the skew to cause wrinkles for the duration of transfer.

⑧ switch process, to do the speedy separation of paper cloth, paper cloth to forestall re-exposure precipitated by means of secondary sublimation transfer and produce ghosting.

⑨ transfer method to pay attention to safe operation is strictly shut to the hot roller, pay attention to keep away from high-temperature burns.

More than the experience is just a count number, of course, the majority of users have a wealth of application experience is the real expert! I hope you will enlighten me, will use the journey and the switch paper to improve the necessities to tell us that we are inclined to win-win way with you to enhance the quality so that our merchandise adds color to you.


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