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How To Solve The Problem Of Heat Transfer Printing Machine?

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How To Solve The Problem Of Heat Transfer Printing Machine?

Heat transfer printing machine is a new technology developed, its development prospects are very broad, heat transfer machine t shirt also caused a lot of people love, heat transfer machine t shirt has its unique printing mode and characteristics, feel soft and comfortable, so the development of heat transfer machine is a great potential.

heat transfer printing machine

Below we will know how to solve the problem of heat transfer machine:

1. Heat transfer machine stamping or hot stamping image is not sticky, not firm: may be light pressure or low temperature, need to increase the pressure or temperature or longer time;

2. Whether the hot stamping materials of the heat transfer machine are consistent with the hot stamping objects, and the hot stamping consumables corresponding to clothes of different materials are different, so the corresponding hot stamping materials should be selected for heat transfer, which are dull and vague after hot stamping:

3. Heat transfer machine hot stamping temperature is too high, pressure is too large, need to reduce the temperature, reduce the pressure, can also shorten the hot stamping time;

4. T-shirts and cotton fabrics with different heat transfer materials, just transfer the T-shirt will have a little hard or soft feeling, hard t-shirts will become soft after washing.Newly processed t-shirts cannot be washed for 24 hours, turning the garment inside out;

rotary heat transfer machine5. Do not rub the surface of the T-shirt design with your hands (the surface material of the design will not adhere to dirt);Do not use detergent containing bleach wash, with 40 ° C under warm water or cold water wash, do not use washing machine, washing over don’t want to use a dryer to dry, dry naturally, do not twist clothes, don’t put a T-shirt on the sun exposure, if the wrinkles in clothes need, after air temperature can be used in steam ironing (not hot iron containing elastic fiber, so as not to damage the organizational structure of the elastic fibers, elastic clothing effect), do not iron directly on design, after ironing, don’t put clothes into a small space, can use hanger suspension or split, to keep the clothes flat shape.

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