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Operation Panel of Sublistar Rotary Transfer Machine

Operation Panel of Sublistar Rotary Transfer Machine

Sublistar Rotary Transfer Machine-the use of heat-conducting oil layer surrounding electric heating diversion of the principles of design and manufacture of heating, the cylinder surface temperature balanced and stable blanket with out of the mechanical structure, with three-phase frequency control devices, machine operation, easy maintenance, transfer to achieve the best and widely used in digital printing industry at home and abroad. And today we are going to share the operation panel of the rotary transfer machine.

rotary transfer machine

1. Temperature control meter, customers as the instrument operation explanation operation (random provide)

2. The ac motor frequency conversion controller, according to the customer to the operation of the inverter operation. (random provide)

3. Red atresia button click open (the red light), then press a express (red light out), this button for the rotary heat press machine two times the total control of the power supply switch, and at the same time as a sudden stop switch, such as after work, the customer must pull open the machine power supply with gear.

4. The green atresia button click open (a green light), then press a express (green destroy), this button to control the calender heat press heating system.

5. Green atresia button click open (a green light), then press a express (green light out.) this button control the transducer of power supply customers in the press this button inverter running after, frequency conversion control of the disk show the original working state, customers can need according to the operation of the disk.

rotary heat transfer machine

We have different size of the heat transfer machine, so far our products are suitable for different market needs and selling well all around the world. We can provide you the max heat drum 1200mm, also for the print width our company can provide the largest 3.2m. Any question, please contact us. Our team will try our best to provide you with the best service and products. Thank you for your reading.


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