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Rotary Heat Press Machine: Electric Heated vs. Oil Heated

Rotary Heat Press Machine: Electric Heated vs. Oil Heated

A rotary heat press machine presses fabrics, non-curved objects, and pieces such as mouse pads or doormats, as large as the heat platen and table allows. This machine is available in two heating element configurations in the market—electric heated and oil heated. Each one has its own merits. Today’s article is going to share what kind of rotary heat press machine is suitable for your business?

rotary heat press machine

Electric rotary heat press machine offers a lower-cost investment, quicker warm-up and cool down simplicity, and the ability to handle most applications with ease. On the other end, oil configurations provide consistency, a variety of size options, efficiency, and the ability to better handle thicker materials.

Oil heated rotary calender transfer machines are recommended for use in large production. The cost of an oil heat press is higher than an electric of a similar drum size, so it’s not a necessary expense to make when pairing speed with most digital equipment.

calender heat press machine The true benefits of drum oil heat press machines are apparent with larger drums. Smaller oil drums, for example, those of eight inches in diameter, contain less than two cubic feet of oil but still require a longer heat up and cool down than an electric press of even larger dimensions, which turns into higher power consumption.
( Note: Drum diameters vary from eight up to 55 inches and larger. The speed of heat transfer calender is dictated by the size of the drum and consistency of the heating element. The larger the drum diameter, the faster production speeds can be achieved.)

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