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Rotary Heat Press Machine: The Importance of Diameter of Drum

Rotary Heat Press Machine: The Importance of Diameter of Drum

Oil heated rotary heat press machine is recommended for use in industrial printing, as the production of sportswear, yoga cloth… However, as we all know, the large format heat presses have different diameters of the drum, like 200mm, 420mm, 480mm, 600mm, 800mm… And today we are going to share the importance of it.

rotary heat press machine

What does the diameter of the drum decide?

heat press calender

Smaller oil drums, for example, those of eight inches in diameter, contain less than two cubic feet of oil but still require a longer heat up and cool down than an electric press of even larger dimensions, which turns into higher power consumption.  Drum diameters vary from eight up to 55 inches and larger. The speed of heat transfer calender is dictated by the size of the drum and consistency of the heating element. The larger the drum diameter, the faster production speeds can be achieved. Of course, the larger the drum diameter, the higher price.

When do we need large drum diameter rotary heat press machine?

roller heating machine

If you are going to start your business of a high-quality and high-speed sublimation printing, you will need to purchase a heat transfer machine with large drum diameter which helps you run high-volume production simultaneously. A good oil heated calender machine can work for many years and continue operating in line with the increased production capacity. If your plan is to create large format signs and graphics for the long-term. A reliable large format press should last decades and fulfill an increasing sublimation output as your business and printing machinery grows. Invest in reliable quality rotary heat press machine and plan for business growth.

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