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Rotary Heat Transfer Machine With Different Heating Methods

Rotary Heat Transfer Machine With Different Heating Methods

Steam heating and electric heating are two traditional heating methods. Now our Sublistar rotary heat transfer machine mainy use oil heating. The advantages of heat conduction oil heating are: high heat capacity, uniform temperature, can be heated to a high temperature under normal pressure, low heat loss, can reduce production costs, its disadvantages are slow heating speed, not easy to carry out temperature control.

rotary heat press

Hot pressing plate function of rotary heat press can be evaluated from several aspects, first is the use of pressing plate material, then the accuracy of processing, the end is hot pressing plate medium channel placement.

The hot pressing plate is generally made of the whole restrained steel plate through deep hole drilling. It is mainly used for oil heating and steam heating. The other is to use welding pipe surface paste aluminum plate method, first used for electric heating. With the whole plate can prevent sealing bad leakage, together with high stiffness and strength, but the hot plate is thick; The latter as a result of the general choice of thin plate method, due to welding and processing will occur in the stress, high processing accuracy.

Hot pressing plate thin easy to preheat and temperature control, but the requirements of the workpiece, workpiece thickness will cause deformation, affect the subsequent processing quality; The thick hot pressing plate is beneficial to increase the heat capacity and forward strength and stiffness, but it will increase the size of the press and consume more steel.

The flatness of the hot pressing plate and the upper and lower surfaces should be ensured enough parallelism when making and processing. The flatness tolerance of the hot pressing plate should be within the range of 0.1-0.18mm, the parallelism tolerance should be within the range of 0.15-027mm, and the surface roughness of the hot pressing plate should be 3.2m. The temperature difference in the whole space of hot plate should not exceed 2-3℃, if the temperature difference is too large, will make the moisture content uneven, the product is easy to warp, the strength of the product and appearance quality will be affected.

rotary heat transfer machine

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