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Rotary Drum Heat Press Vs. Platen Heat Press (1)

Rotary Drum Heat Press Vs. Platen Heat Press (1)

In the process of sublimation transfer printing. calender heat press is a necessary machine that plays an important role. As we all known, there are two kind of heat press machine in the market: rotary drum heat press and platen heat press. Do you know the difference between them? Read the following and the post will share you the answer. 🙂

rotary drum heat press

Rotary Drum Heat Press
Rotary drum calender is often used to print fabric continuously (roll to roll) and to print large fabric parts such as signs and banners which may be too large for a standard platen press. Drum machines can also be used to print sports apparel and other cut apparel parts. Drum machines are more productive than platen machines for sublimation printing on cut apparel parts and are therefore used when production volume is high. Drum machines are not used however to print onto rigid substrates such as wood, metal or ceramic tile.

heat press machine

Platen Heat Press
Platen presses are often used for printing on individual pieces such as cut apparel parts, T-shirts, sports apparel, tote bags, etc. It is also used to print on rigid substrates such as wood, metals and ceramic tiles.

roller heat transfer machineAdvantages of Platen Heat Press
1) You can Focus on Designing Artwork
If you are a graphic designer, then this method would benefit you the most. All you need to do is create the design and you can get them printed on a high quality release paper from a 3rd party company. Once they send it to you, you just need to use a heat press machine to print it out on a garment. The sublimation transfer printing process is simple and takes no more than 3 minutes per shirt once it is setup.

2) Your Workspace is Clean
For those that have tried screen printing, you know how messy it can get. Cleaning up becomes a hassle. With heat press printing you only need the machine itself and a table to put your custom designs and garments on.



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