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Safety Tips while Operating a Roller Heat Transfer Machine

Safety Tips while Operating a Roller Heat Transfer Machine

Maintaining safety while operating an industrial roller heat transfer machine is crucial. When anything goes wrong, it affects the entire production. In many cases, technical fault led to devastating accidents in many industries.

Therefore, you need to take care of the safety concerns as you are working with an industrial heat press machine.roller heat transfer machine


  1. Power Cord

Power the calender heat press machine using the OEM cord only, which is supplied by the manufacturer. OEM cord is made for handling such an immense task. If you use third party cord and cable, it might not be able to handle the load and cause fire and electric shock.

Also, if the power cord or cable is damaged, contact the service center and replace it with OEM accessories only.

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  1. Third-Party Accessories

When you have to use an additional power cord from third party manufacturer, make sure the total numbers of Amps of both the additional and the original power cord is the same.

If there are other devices plugged into the wall outlet, make sure you don’t exceed the ampere rating of that particular outlet.

  1. No Blockage

There should be no blockage or covering of the openings of the roller heat transfer machine chassis whatsoever. Otherwise, the blockage will cause the machine to heat-up excessively and lead to poor production performance.

  1. Make the Machine Stable

You must place the roll to roll heat transfer machine on stable ground to prevent further disturbance while operating it. If the machine is tilted to some angle, it will affect the output quality.


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