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Ribbon Heat Press Machine for Lanyards

Ribbon Heat Press Machine for Lanyards

Do you know what made the lanyards in our life? The answer is by using a ribbon heat press machine. Today we are here to tell you what is this kind of machine.

It is a multi-functional printing machine that can be applied for ribbon printing, cutting and cloth rolling. Moreover, it is a new generation of roller sublimation heat transfer machine researched and developed by our senior with tri-location, accurate positioning, and prints with a couple of ribbons simultaneously in the whole roll, thus to get a clear printing result.

ribbon heat press machine Characteristic
1. Multifunctional: Ribbon heat press machine can be print all kinds of fabric.
2. High performance: Apply the most advanced control system,rewind&unwind ribbon automatic
3. Good printing: Consistent temperature, without any color error even in continuous transfer printing,
Thus to get a clear printing effect.



1. Adopt the most advanced control system, imported components and auto spacing, which leads to excellent performance(accurate and sale)and long-lasting life. High precision(0.5℃),all-digital display of time, and high accuracy.

2. The oil thermal conducting structure makes the uniform color of the transfer printing. Equipped with the simultaneous down-roller, which makes minimal mold positioning error. It can transfer printed a couple of ribbons simultaneously.

3. Both single and mass production are available. The large diameter bearing makes the maintenance of the fragile parts of the heating system. The driveshaft is made of Japanese” Shin Etsu”material;Blanket made from Du Pont material imported from the USA and large capacity conducting oil, which makes consistent temperature,without any color even in continuous transfer printing.

heat press machineApplication

Suitable for printing all kinds of mobile lanyard, shoelace, belt, elastic, snow ribbon, and label

Usage: all kinds of ribbon printing, roll to roll fabric printing, mouse pad printing, pillow printing, and cloth piece garment printing, etc.

Sublistar is a machine manufacturer with over 10 years of experience producing heat transfer machine.  Any questions, please contact us.



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