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What are Requirements of Sublimation Roller Digital Printing Machine for Ink Selection?

What are Requirements of Sublimation Roller Digital Printing Machine for Ink Selection?

The printing position of sublimation roller digital printing machine is accurate, avoiding the problem of position deviation in manual printing. The printing machine is no longer in the traditional printing mode and method. It is no longer a simple manual operation and manual printing in the past. It is connected to a computer with high technology content. In sculpture, etching and other industries have made a new breakthrough, can play a better role.

What are the requirements of sublimation roller digital printing machine for transfer ink selection?
  • Good degumming: the roller digital printing machine has good degumming property, which is the precondition of good hand feeling after printing.
  • Good water-holding: the higher the water-holding capacity of drum digital printing machine, the better the precision of printing.
  • Good fluidity: good fluidity here refers to the size of the paste, which is very conducive to the drum digital printing machine dip and roll sizing.
The operating points of drum digital printing machine include:

1. Fabric and draping equipment: the electric heating air is boring. After the cloth is dried by the electric hot air outlet, the automatic draper will automatically cloth it to the hard paper tube.

2. In printing machine, the printing parameters such as nozzle voltage, printing speed, bidirectional calibration, and step change can be changed freely, without need of relay printing and power off printing.

3. High quality absorbent guide belt and automatic cleaning system: the brush and scraper of the cleaning system will automatically clean the guide belt, remove dust and ink, and carry out boring, to ensure the clean and tidy guide belt.

4. Feed cloth system and automatic rectifying device: tension control, step control is the key that high-speed printing equipment succeeds, it is the messy system that induces machine, electron, computer technology, also be the key technology that ensures printing precision.

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