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How to Repair Your Calender Drum Heat Press Machine if it Break down?(02)

How to Repair Your Calender Drum Heat Press Machine if it Break down?(02)

How to Repair Your Calender Drum Heat Press Machine if it Break down?(02)

In the last article I have introduced you that the breakdown of the calender heat press machine can be divided into the un-stop breakdown and the stop working breakdown. And shared you about how to repair it when the un-stop breakdown happen. Then in the next words I will keep share about how to repair your heat press machine if t stop working.

Stop Working
Step 1. There is nick on the doctor blade or doctor blade became blunt, it will
cause roller dirty and rough, you should stop the machine working
to rasp it.

Step 2. If there are too much fiber nap between doctor blade and roller, stop
the machine working, use a welt cloth and knot in a head on one side, loosen
the heavy hummer which hung on the doctor blade, hold on the another side of
welt cloth, swept from the knife edge, it is much easy clean the knife edge.

Step 3. If the roller has defect, stop the machine working, tear down the roller,
send it to the carving workshop to repair.

Step 4. The inner hole will enlarge after the roller working for a long time,
cause roller axis and roller loosen and can not straight the pattern, at this time,
you should stop the machine working, tear down the roller, pad the knife paper,
re-install & tight it.

Step 5. When the fabric is printing you should stop the machine working and breakdown handing if the steam is not good or tension is too big. Or it will cause big accident.

Step 6. Do not use the cold water to watering the bearing if the roller bearing is damaged and emit heat, make the motor load increases. You should stop the machine working, change another axis and add lubrication grease

Step 7. If it’s long time breakdown handing you should connect the laser fabric or conductive line, close the steam valve in time, and release all pressure of roller

Step 8. After all breakdown handing you can start working again.

Do not exceed 30 kg, otherwise it may cause deformation of the handle. When the time of the controller is indicated, the buzzer will sound up and the handle will be lifted up to the original position. If it is a cold-tearing heat transfer paper, please use a blackboard to wipe the ironing paper again, wait 5 to 10 After the second, and then tear the tear to tear. If it is hot-torn Tang Hua paper, hot stamping finished immediately torn off the heat paper. Successful hot stamping need to have the right time, temperature and pressure with each other, clothing The thickness and the type of material and heat transfer paper all affect the effect of hot stamping. Please ask your hot paper suppliers to
check the hot stamping information.

Okay, These all above are my share about how to repair your Calender drum heat press machine if it breakdown in different situations. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will try our best to provide you with the best quality product and
service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.



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