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How to Prevent Wrinkles when Using a Roller Transfer Printing Machine?

How to Prevent Wrinkles when Using a Roller Transfer Printing Machine?

The process of printing on a fabric with a copper cylinder engraved with a concave pattern is called a roller transfer printing, also known as a copper roller printing. The engraved roller is referred to as the flower tube. When printing, firstly make the surface of the flower tube stained with color, and then use a sharp and smooth scraping to scrape off the surface color paste of the unembossed portion of the flower tube, leaving a color paste in the concave pattern.

When the flower cylinder is embossed on the fabric, the color paste is transferred to the fabric to be printed. Each flower tube is printed with a color paste. If a plurality of flower tubes are mounted on the printing device at the same time, the color pattern can be continuously printed. The roller printing has the advantages of clear flower-shaped porch, full color and high productivity.

How to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles when printing with a roller transfer printing machine?

1) In the dark cloth dyed printing roller resistance, used to offset some of the reducing agent;

2) Work, scraper, sharp edge, lower position, slightly weighted hammer; enhanced polishing roller surface finish;

3) One thousand test eccentric to the car front cylinder; Color consistency, if necessary, properly control the lubrication;

4) Insoluble azo dye printing lamp cloth to prevent scratching, whiteness, often in the phenolic base, add the right amount of sodium bisulfite.

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