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What Should Pay Attention to When Using a Heat Press?

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What Should Pay Attention to When Using a Heat Press?

Here’re some tips when using a heat press to print shirts:


Don’t be scared of applying too much heat because it takes a lot of heat to transfer the artwork properly and evenly. If you don’t apply a lot of heat, the artwork might not stick to the shirt properly and would cause issues during washing. If you’re scared of burning the tee, sample print on an old shirt you don’t mind burning. It’s always scary on the first few tries but your confidence will eventually develop as you get the hang of printing shirts using your heat press machine. The rule is simple actually, just follow the recommended temperature for each fabric on the transfer paper.

Load the shirt onto the heat press straight. The last thing you want is a crooked print. You most certainly can’t sell (or wear!) crooked shirts. How do you prevent that from happening? There are many ways to do this without using grids, lasers, and rules. One way is by making sure that the tag is aligned to the backbone of the heat press. But for a faster and more efficient way of ensuring the right t-shirt positioning, consider a system that projects a laser onto the garment.


Stretch your shirts. Before putting them on your heat press machine, make sure you stretch your shirts. This should be done to avoid the print from cracking.

Test Print. Before printing your design to a transfer paper, make sure you test it by printing it on a regular paper. Transfer papers are expensive and you do not want to waste money. Printing a preview is essential to check if the design is within the margins, if colors print correctly and just to see how an artwork looks like when printed. And of course, before you print on a tee, make sure you test print the transfer paper with a fabric you’re willing to throw away.


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