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Notes on the Operation of the Sublimation Drum Digital Printing Machine

Notes on the Operation of the Sublimation Drum Digital Printing Machine

In recent years, the sublimation drum digital printing machine has more and more excellent performance, faster printing speed, more colors, higher registration scheme, better color saturation and firmness control, etc. . Take advantage of the latest color control systems and a good management curve. Acids can be used in silk and nylon inks, and inks can also be active on cotton, linen, etc. If you are newly to operate the roller heat transfer machine, you should pay attention to the following points!

The main points of attention for the operation of the sublimation drum digital printing machine are:

First, the fabric is boring and the cloth-receiving equipment: the electric heating air is boring. And the cloth is automatically discharged onto the hard paper tube after the fabric is air-dried through the electric hot air outlet.

Second, in the printing machine printing can easily change the nozzle voltage, printing speed, two-way calibration, change the stepping and other printing parameters, no need to relay printing, power-off printing function.

Third, high-quality adsorption guide belt and automatic cleaning system: cleaning system brush, scraper will automatically clean the guide belt, remove dust and ink, and dry, to ensure that the guide belt is clean and tidy.

Fourth, the supply system and automatic correction equipment: tension control, step control is the key to the success of high-speed printing equipment. It is a cluttered system that summarizes mechanical, electronic, computer technology. And is the key technology to ensure the accuracy of floral printing.

Okay, these all above are my share about the notes of operating sublimation roller heat transfer machine. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.


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