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How to Maintain the Sublimation Rotary Heat Press Machine in Daily Life —- Please Remember these 11 Points

How to Maintain the Sublimation Rotary Heat Press Machine in Daily Life —- Please Remember these 11 Points

If you are a member of the sublimation industry, I believe you must have known sublimation rotary heat press machine. The multi-function roller heat transfer machine adopt the roller of precision work ,when machine out of order or power cut ,the blanket can loosen automatically and protect the blanket more effectively.which would prolong it’s life-span.

Full-automatic control,high quality digital display ,time control,the accuracy rate is more high than others. Do you know how to maintain the heat transfer machine in daily life?now our commentator explain for you:

Daily maintenance for multi-founction roller heat transfer machine:

1.To inspect the power supply if power on or not and the ground wire whether normal.

2.To inspect the machine inside if clean or not,which need to be keeping clean.

3.To inspect the roller and blanket inside regularly which whether there are sheetmetal and sundries fall into ,abnormal condition need to be handled in advance when there are exceptional conditions.

4.To inspect the wire connection whether there are combustion phenomena and need to be settled in time.

5.Clear away variable frequency radiation of fuselage cover and dust.

6.To inspect regularly the cover around of engine, if accumulating stuff ,which should keep clean and insure the motor cooling in time .

7.All the bearings of machine need to be add hot butter within one week to insure the bearings function well.

8.Emergency stop switch of the roller heat transfer machine should be used less as far as possible, stutter stop not exceeding 3 minutes.

9.To inspect frequently the electric wire ,circuit whether from aging.

10.Add butter for each part of machine,when it start up each time ,and conduction oil should be added regularly.

11.To clean the machines per week.

Above of all, I believe you could learn something of how to maintain the sublimation rotary heat press machine in daily life through these 11 points, don’t you? If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.


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