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How To Maintain The Pneumatic Bearing Of Rotary Heat Transfer Machine In Daily Life?

How To Maintain The Pneumatic Bearing Of Rotary Heat Transfer Machine In Daily Life?

How to maintain the pneumatic bearing of rotary heat transfer machine in daily life?

1.Inspecting the tool ,workpiece and attachment is in order or not, circuit and pipeline whether the integrity .

2.Cleaning quickly after the pneumatic bearing was used ,and also should inspect the machine whether oil leak,water leakage, electric leakage,and fault removing timely if the machine is breakdown.

3.Oil a machine regularly,which need to add pure oil, otherwise ,which will hinder normal operation and running of the machine and more.

Pneumatic bearing traits of heat transfer machine:

1.Air pressure type scroll also name flatulence shaft, which is as per air compression principle,make them change external diameter,and then they would combine with roll pipe tightly, which is beneficial to deliver and roll for the toll material. At last, the air pressure type scroll would promote operation of rational ,concise,accurate and their automation.

2.The inside main parts of the bearing were expanded delivery when air into internal and occur expansion. and then the external diameter of main bearing would enlarge, which will promoter roll pipe precisely fixing on the axis main body .

3.Expanded parts would shrink when internal air was discharged,and than the bearing core can be took out expediently.

4.Manufacturer introduced that the axis main bodies are made by high stresses steels or aluminum alloy .

5.The pneumatic bearing can be customized as per their requests.

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