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Do you know the mainly applications of sublimation transfer paper?

Do you know the mainly applications of sublimation transfer paper?

With the Sublimation market growing rapidly, sublimation transfer paper play an important role in it .Then,what the mainly applications of sublimation transfer paper during Sublimation printing Technology?

Heat transfer paper application

Sublimation transfer paper can be applied to textiles and garments, cars,mugs and small things like key chains phone cases, but those are all the well-known facts. So some people said that that is how far the sublimation paper can go and thought that it will be replaced as more and more new technologies immerge.

But recently some companies use sublimation printing paper in home decor. They use sublimation transfer paper to make the wall paper and the print on the door more attractive,then bring the effects of luxury to a totally new level. Because the urge inside all us is that we want something has a character that can define and represent who we are, and that where the sublimation transfer paper comes into play, and we as a manufacturer of sublimation transfer paper strongly believe that with the integration of ink and printer.

sublimation transfer paper can be used in tons of things, the only limit is your own imagination. Maybe in the near future, it can be applied on something that is not flat, like a ball, bottles, and even some other things that have rough surface. By using your imagination and creativity, and you will figure out what the future looks like.

Here is the mainly applications of sublimation paper in many aspects!From above information,you should have a certain understanding of sublimation paper If you want to know more about Sublimation Technology products like sublimation paper,subimation ink,inkjet printer, calender heat press machine, you are welcome to consult us online. We will provide you with the most patient and best service.


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