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Do You Know How to Override Printer Ink-levels When Sublimation printing?

Do You Know How to Override Printer Ink-levels When Sublimation printing?

Chip reset devices let you disable ink-level warnings with refilled inkjet cartridges.

With many printers, the “printer low on ink” message may lead you to believe that the cartridge needs immediate replacement. However, the cartridge often still has enough ink to print many pages before you actually need to replace it. Likewise, you may also see a warning message if you use refilled or re-manufactured ink cartridges. If “low ink” messages are slowing down your productivity, you can disable or override them to print more efficiently.

Do You Know How to Override Printer Ink Levels When Sublimation printing?

Disable Low-Ink Warnings

  1. Right-click an open area on the Windows Start screen. Click the “All Apps” icon at the bottom of the screen.


  1. Click the icon on the Apps screen that launches the print application for your printer. For instance, if you have an HP printer, the program name may be the same as the model of your printer. With other printers, the application name may be “Printer Smart Utility,” “Printer Configuration” or something similar.


  1. Click the “Configuration,” “Tools” or “Utilities” icon on the print application toolbar. Alternatively, click the “Estimated Ink Levels” icon if the application has one. Wait a few seconds for the application to communicate with the printer and determine its current status and ink levels.


  1. Click the “Advanced Settings,” “Advanced Configuration” or “Warnings” tab or link.


  1. Enable the “Do Not Show Me Low Ink Level Warnings” or other similar option and then click the “OK” button. Close the print application.

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