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Do You Know The Origin Of Calender Heat Transfer Machine?

Do You Know The Origin Of Calender Heat Transfer Machine?

Do You Know The Orgin Of Calender Heat Transfer Machine? Now I will introduce you the history about it.

calender heat transfer machineRoller printing method is invented by a Scot t. Bell’s , starting application in 1785, from now on ,it is still the main printing methods. Printing equipment mainly consists of a large, hollow cast iron bearing axis, large diameter, its surface covered with more than more than 10 Ma as Mao Wei, plush fabrics or coated with a layer of rubber, and enhanced flexibility is cylinder pressure fabric backing. Backing coat with a layer of circular seamless rubber linings as protection, rubber lining the outside with a layer of printed fabric of cotton or synthetic lining to prevent printing paste stains in the rubber lining.

Its printing is fold the interlining fabrics and prints, to following after each cylinder and pressure roller rolling pattern on the printing and drying. And then based on the color properties of the dyes in solid-color or color. Finally, wash the fabric dries, through the printing process.

roller heat transfer machineRoller printing machine was initially used pattern in contact with copper roller in fabric printing, textile printing, cylinder surface stained with colored pulp, and use a sharp, smooth shaving paste scraping on the surface of the cylinder does not cut part. Printing a set of patterns of fabric, needs a few cylinder. Firework is about arranging with light to dark, from small to large. This kind of printing you can print production products, but the pattern likely to have defective, you need to take the time to carve, and time-consuming.

Calender heat transfer machine only can meet some of the first capital of the enterprise. Make small investments, but there will be always hopeful. And the quantity of product, inventory is much better. Later someone developed the thermal transfer printing machine which can satisfy small and medium enterprises, and also can control the size of production, will not cause water pollution, emission-free. The most important is the ease of operation, good printing effects, bright colors, and low cost.

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