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Do You Know How to Operate It?—–Flat Heat Transfer Machine

Do You Know How to Operate It?—–Flat Heat Transfer Machine

Do You Know How to Operate It?—–Flat Heat Transfer Machine

Heat press machine can be divided into many different models from the size, and the appearance of it. For different model they have many different operation methods. Mostly, I have introduced you how to operate the wide format rotary heat transfer machine and some tips that you should take care. Then today in the next article I will introduce you how to operate the flat heat transfer machine. Read the following and get to know more.

A) Dip transfer (flat sublimation transfer machine) before batch transfer Please do the transfer sample to determine the color of the transfer machine temperature and time is appropriate.

B) Before the transfer of pieces, to ensure that the transfer paper is basically dry. In order to avoid incomplete transfer, stains and so on.

C) Before the transfer of the transfer paper patterns and fabric blowing and finishing, remove the fabric and transfer paper scraps, cilia and other attachments. So that these debris caught in the transfer paper and fabric between the printing defects.

D) The ghost is often due to the pressure plate too fast separation, the upper pressure plate adsorption of paper due to airflow, then adjust the throttle to the plate heat transfer machine cylinder (or cylinder) to slow down the speed, to avoid Printed paper was sucked after the fall caused by the second sublimation transfer and ghosting. To avoid ghosting can also be dipped in the transfer paper on the four corners of the water adhesion cloth transfer or use sticky sublimation transfer paper.

E) As the cushion material (cotton, sponge, cardboard, etc.) of the bottom plate absorbs moisture in the ink. It will cause excessive moisture when transferring, so that the color of the pattern on the transfer cloth becomes faint. , So before the transfer and transfer process to always empty a few times, the moisture on the cotton pad on the evaporation of moisture, if the conditions can be replaced in a timely manner to dry the cushion material to avoid this situation.

F) Before the transfer to confirm the front and back of the fabric, many textiles on both sides of the material is not the same and the color is not clear, such as sportswear polyester / cotton, umbrella made of polyester / nylon, etc., if you wrong transfer paper Covered in the cotton or nylon side, after the transfer will find the color lighter and a wash away, and check the transfer machine, transfer paper, ink and so can not find out why, brain injury may wish to check the fabric Positive and negative.

G) Plate transfer process should pay attention to safe operation, is strictly prohibited into the hot plate under the hand, pay attention to avoid high temperature burns.

Okay, These all above are my share about how to operate the flat heat transfer machine in a right way. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.



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