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Do You Know The Importance of The Spare Parts for The Roll Heat Press Machine

Do You Know The Importance of The Spare Parts for The Roll Heat Press Machine

Do You Know The Importance of The Spare Parts for The Roll  Heat Press Machine

Everyone knows that the roll  heat press machine is a final material in the
whole sublimation transferring process so it must play a very important role. If
you can’t operate it in a right way, all the operations above will be destroyed.
For such a large transfer machine, it must have many important spare parts, so
that it can maintain the normal operation of the machine. While do you know
what should you take care about the spare parts when you buy and operate
your machine? Read the following and I will share you more.

The blanket is a very important accessory for the roll heat press machine.
It is similar to the print head for your sublimation digital inkjet printer. Because
the heat press is just a process for you to transfer the patterns from the
sublimation paper onto the fabric. So the patterns transferred is the final result
to check the effect.

The role of the blanket is to help you correct the deviation in your transfer
process. Sometimes in a long transfer process, the fabric and the sublimation
paper may get to a wrong direction when transfer, then the patterns will get a
worse effect.

Roll of The Machine
The heat and temperature in the transfer process is freed by the roll. So if your
roll has poor quality, the temperature may can’t be spread completely. Make
sure your roll is a good seamless tube roller, so that when you transfer the
tempareture and pressure is average. Also with this high quality can help you
save your power.

Steel plate
A high quality rotary heat press machine must made by the high quality steel
plate. The high quality steel has high density then patterns heated and
transferred will have a high accuracy. Can help you reduce the error.

Lathe of Your Machine
Make sure if your lathe has a high quality, a good lathe is also very important.
It can bring you a better produce effect. Especially in the rotary heat transfer, it
can gairantee the working efficiency of the blanket and avoid the wrong

Okay, These all above are some important spare parts for your Calender heat
press machine. Make sure the quality of the spare parts and your transfer effect
will be better in the future. Of course if you have any other needs or questions
welcoem to contact us at any time. We will provide you with the best quality
product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your



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