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Do You Know How Can You Keep The Great Effect of Your T-shirt Transfer? (02)

Do You Know How Can You Keep The Great Effect of Your T-shirt Transfer? (02)

Do You Know How Can You Keep The Great Effect of Your T-shirt Transfer? (02)

Keep following the topic of yesterday, Today I will also share you the last small tips that you should better take care for your T-shirt paper. Read the following and know more.

Tip 5 Fade after Washing
Wash fade of transfer paper and ink have a great relationship, because the dye ink is easy to dissolve in water. So not as good as not dissolve in the water pigment ink is good.
At present, as a personalized inkjet printing heat transfer, the principle of transfer paper is to use its film at high temperatures to melt the ink inside. And then melt on the fabric to achieve the “transfer” results. So the poor transfer paper adhesive layer will be washed off slowly, resulting in fading. This thermal transfer method is the most common, almost 95% of the above is this method.

From this principle, you know that this transfer is not what water transfer, nor is it a thermal transfer. In the clothing printing industry called hot offset printing. Although some people said that their own test proved that there is indeed the existence of water transfer T-shirt transfer paper exists.  In fact, the basic principles of water transfer and inkjet printer ink to understand some of the common sense.

Tip 6 The Relationship between Ink And Transfer Paper
As a light-colored T-shirt printing: can use ordinary ink to print, the picture quality is high, but the screen part of the excess to be trimmed, and the quality of the paper must be good.  And hot sublimation ink turn on the layer of solid color, but also need to play the picture.

The same can use ordinary ink to print, the picture does not need to fight. For a variety of fabrics, it is similar with the
high-performance heat transfer. You can match with the high-elastic heat transfer, and its advantages on the convenience of no plate, but the cost is high. And if the quality is not easy to fade, smoke, burst, intolerant washing, not strong, hard and thick and can not transfer the distress.

Okay, These above are my all share about the factors that can help improve the transfer effect of your T-shirt. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.


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