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Do You Know the Difference Among the Three Types Ink—InkTec SubliNova Smart & Advanced & G7 Sublimation Ink

Do You Know the Difference Among the Three Types Ink—InkTec SubliNova Smart & Advanced & G7 Sublimation Ink

Dye Sublimation Ink is a necessary material in the whole printing and transferring process. There are many famous brand in sublimation ink. InkTec SubliNova sublimation ink is a famous brand ink ,widely use for sublimation printing . This name is derived from the words “Sublimation” and “Innovation”. Nova means “new star”, which reflects our desire to become a new star-player in the worldwide sublimation market.SubliNova is easily recognizable as a sublimation ink whilst also highlighting the innovation that went into producing it.

SubliNova has many types sublimation ink. It concluds SubliNova Smart,SubliNova Advanced,SubliNova G7 ,SubliNova Hi-Lite,SubliNova Rapid and SubliNova Sure .They all can use for inkjet printer like Mutoh,Roland,Epson(need chip). And SubliNova Smart,SubliNova Advanced,SubliNova G7 ,the three types InkTec SubliNova sublimation ink are popular for customers. However, there are many difference among them.

Difference Among InkTec SubliNova  Sublimation Ink
Sublinova Smart

Sublinova smart sublimation ink for DX5/DX6/DX7 PrintHeads. Dye Sublimation ink is designed to support high-volume user in commercial/industrial environments. Compatible with the industry’s leading printers, sublimation ink is to be chosen for transfer sublimation applications. With faster drying times and expanded gamut, our recommending sublimation ink meets the demands of high speed commercial printing equipment.

SubliNova Advanced

SubliNova Advanced is specially formulated to suit for the plotters equipped with DX7 which have higher printing speed as well as those with DX5 head. It guarantees high quality printing result with wide color gamut and smooth printing without any trouble.

SubliNova G7

Sublinova G7 is specially formulated to suit plotters equipped with DX7 printhead head. The key feature of SubliNova G7 is the inks outstanding printability. It can print for longer hours at high-speed print mode and therefore easily reduces production costs.

OK,that’s all ! From above all ,we can easily know that the difference among Sublinova smart ,SubliNova Advanced and SubliNova G7. If any need ,you can contract with us ! We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.


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