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How to Choose a Industrial Heat Press Machine?

How to Choose a Industrial Heat Press Machine?

An industrial heat press machine (or simply “heat press”) is used to apply for large format fabrics. How do you pick the right rotary heat press?  Take your time and consider your goals, not just the price. And today’s article is to share how to choose the machine.

industrial heat press machineTwo key factors when choosing a rotary heat press machine are the diameter and the width of the drum. Drums can vary in diameter from 20 cm to 2 m+, and the wider the diameter of the drum, the higher the press’s production speed. This is because the substrate needs to be in contact with the heated drum for an average of 40 seconds to achieve effective sublimation. This means that it can pass twice as quickly over a 40 cm drum compared with a 20 cm drum due to the larger contact area.

There is also a wide range of drum widths available, from 400 mm (working width) to 5000 mm+. It makes sense to match the width of the drum to the width of your printer, or you could opt for a wider drum to future-proof your investment in the event that you move up to a wider printer at a later date.

sublimation heat transfer machineIn terms of production speed, a rotary heat press calender with a 35 cm drum will keep pace with two or three Mimaki JV33, TS34 or Epson 7000 printers. Traditionally, industrial heat press machine runs much faster than the printers. However, things are beginning to change with more productive digital printers coming onto the market. Our company has a printer that can print at up 400 m square per hour, and we need a 1 m drum heat press to keep up with it.

Our company is a machine manufacturer with over 10 years of experience producing industrial rotary heat press. We take care of each customer’s idea and, if necessary, our team can make the special size of rotary heat press machine for the customer. Any question, please contact us. Thank you for your reading


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