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How To Run Sublimation Roll Type Heat Transfer Machine For Textile?

How To Run Sublimation Roll Type Heat Transfer Machine For Textile?

How To Run Sublimation Roll Type Heat Transfer Machine For Textile?

 heat transfer printing machine

1. Turn on the power control switch, blanket carry button to let blankets go into the rotary sublimation calender and instructs the buzzer shiny sing at the same time, blanket instructions in place after the buzzer lights went out, and then press the start button, the machine start, adjusted the roller speed (note: the machine must use appropriate secure protection ground wire).

2. Set the thermostat to the desired temperature, (usually about 230 degree, speed is about 19 turn, the heating time for 50 minutes or so);Set forward or reverse, the machine rolling, REV said the reversal of FWD said forward, STOP/RESET said outage)Note: set the inverter positive &negative, please stop the frequency converter set up positive &negative, again after the machine factory has been set to forward.

3. Manual adjustment clockwise to “tune”, counterclockwise as “tight”, first ask a blanket and drum surface has a good interface, can drive roller rotation until the blanket shall prevail (note: the new machine in general, do not need to adjust the blanket, machine with adjustable belt function can be automatically automatic correction).

4. The new model of roll heat press machine when using, should first USES the small piece of fabric and color paper test, in the process of transfer when pyrograph paper or fabric is too thin, should be used more than pyrograph consumable packing paper pad live again after being substrates for transfer printing, pad of paper transfer printing operation method can prevent dye sublimation ink transfer to the surface of a blanket in the heating process, affecting the service life of the blanket and transfer printing effect.heat transfer press machine

5. Put the sublimation paper on the substrates, smoothing on the workbench, jog on the blanket, put the pressing roller in transfer printing on the automatic drive.
6. Successful transfer requires the right time, temperature and pressure to cooperate with each other.The thickness of the clothes and the materials and pyrograph species will affect the hot stamping effect.Try various pyrograph paper must be hot after samples approval, before mass production.
7. Need to shut down under high temperature: when the first set automatic stop function of the automatic shutdown time (automatic shutdown time is set to 1 to 2 hours), automatic shutdown button, normally platen temperature has dropped below 100 degrees Celsius, will automatically shut down, automatically from the blanket and note: must be completely separated from high temperature roller, blanket guarantee in 5-8 cm safe distance, otherwise it will burn out blankets, carpet and the correct method for machine downtime maintenance is very important.

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