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How to Choose a High End Ribbon & Lanyard Heat Transfer Machine?

How to Choose a High End Ribbon & Lanyard Heat Transfer Machine?

As we know ues the ribbon & lanyard heat transfer machine print to beautiful ribbon and lanyard is popular for many customers. But because of the ribbon and the width of lanyard is relatively small and very long. In order to keep the quality of the product in thel ast level. So the ribbon printing machine plays an important role. Then customer must to choose the better ribbon heat press machine when buying a ribbon printing machine.

How to Choose a High End ribbon & Lanyard Heat Transfer Machine?

Of course, if want to print out good printing effect product, you need to buy good products of good quality printing machine. The principle of ribbon printing machine is using of thermal transfer printing by high temperature and high pressure sublimation principle. How can we print a good product? Not bright, or the color is not uniform, will greatly reduce the quality of products, produce waste, waste and loss.

So how to choose the ribbon heat transfer machine? Weaving machines are using the double oil heating now . The electric heating will cause the drum fever is not homogeneous, so that product effect is not good. But the drum must be strictly controlled. Our oil drum though polish interior and outside, control the range of error, not more than 1 MM. A lot of people don’t know, after using a long time will found that the roller temperature is uneven, the reason is manufacturer don’t polish inside the drum machine .

Okay, These all above are my share about the information of choosing high end heat transfer machine for ribbon.If you need to know more how to choose a even with high quality heat transfer machine,please contact Fei Yue Digital Inc. heat printing machine company technician,we are pleasure to work for you.Thank you for your reading!


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