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What Products Can We Make With a Heat Transfer Machine?

What Products Can We Make With a Heat Transfer Machine?

As we all known, heat transfer machine has two types :1.Flatbed heat press machine; 2. Rotary Heat Press: Roll to roll type, Multifunctional type, or small format type. And, I think all of you know what exactly is rotary heat press machine. So what products can we make with it ?

heat transfer machine

Heat press machine is suitable for individualization and customization with small quantity and various design, and printing full-color images and pictures. Its working principle is that the designed pattern is printed on heat transfer paper by using special heat transfer inks, and then the pattern is transferred to the surface of materials by heat press machined under high pressure and temperature. Finally is to check finished products.

rotary heat press machine Applying to various heat press materials, heat press technology is mainly divided into plastic heat film transfer and sublimation heat transfer. Pattern on plastic film heat transfer paper with glue is transferred to the surface of materials under high pressure and temperature. High-end transfer paper and inks can print a thin, tack free and washable products. Sublimation heat transfer use special sublimation inks and sublimation papers. The pattern printed on materials is not colloid. When we are printing fabrics, the reliability is the same as dyeing as a result of sublimation inks are sublimated into the fiber.

heat press machine Actually not all the materials can be applied to heat press technology according to materials’ heat resistance and smoothness. With the development of heat press technology, the applications of calender heat press is expanded, including clothing, fabric bags, cap, pillow, mug, tile, watch, mouse pad, coaster, hanging calendar, medal, flag and so on.

These all above is my share about what products can we make with a heat transfer machine. If you have any needs with the sublimation printing and transferring material or better suggestions welcome to contact us at any time. We will try our best to provide you with the best quality product and service. Thank you for your reading.


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