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Operational Problems When We Use Heat Transfer Machine

Operational Problems When We Use Heat Transfer Machine

As we all know, there are 3 elements for heat transfer machine that we need to be aware of – temperature, time and pressure. But while doing it, we simply encounter a few problems.  And today we are going to talk about it.

heat transfer machine

Why is that when we are printing the transfer ink is going through the back of the garment?

This is due to the pressure of the rotary heat press machine. If we applied so much pressure on our heat press, it will cause the ink to go through the back of the garment. What we can do is to check the pressure and reduce it if necessary.

The heat transfer machine has ruined my fabric! It has become discolored.

rotary heat press machine

To note, different fabrics have different melting points. We cannot use the same temperature for all fabrics. If we are using high temperature for all garments, we are most probably going to melt almost everything! Be sure to set up the temperature according to the type of garments. Some of the things we can do are:

(1. Ensure that the fabric or textile we used can withstand heat up to 180c
(2. For good printing, the result ensures that the material we use is correct and the ink used also suitable for the material we use. For example, pigment ink for cotton fabric and sublimation ink for gifts and light-colored fabric. (the color may change but still acceptable)

Remember when it comes to the heat press machine, it is good for us to start experimenting with other garments before we start heating. When we have finally managed to achieve a good result, keep on doing what we do.

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