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Questions Before Buying A Heat Press Transfer Machine

Questions Before Buying A Heat Press Transfer Machine

A heat press transfer machine is a tool used to transfer images from sublimation paper onto fabrics, such as clothing. We can purchase heat press transfer machines online or from local craft stores.

heat press transfer machine

However, to select the right heat press machine for our shop we need to do some homework. This requires asking plenty of questions and carefully studying the manufacturers’ specifications. Then compile all of the data in a spreadsheet, so we can compare the various heat press models and can make an informed buying decision.

calender heat press Here’s a list of questions, that might help us in our conversations with our dealer:

(1. What thickness of garment will the heat press accept?
(2. Is the pressure adjustment manual or digital?
(3. What are the power requirements for the press? 220 volt or 110 volts? How many amps does the press draw?
(4. Does the heat press transfer machine have a UL or CSA rating?
(5. What is the platen size of the press?
(6. Is the platen replaceable?
(7. Does the press accept multiple size platens?
(8. Does the press open automatically at the end of the heat cycle?
(9. Is the temperature gauge digital or analog?
(10. How much counter space does the heat press require?
(11. What does the press weigh?
(12. What does the warranty cover?
(13. What does the press cost?

heat press machineIf we intend to use the heat press frequently for long periods of time, we may need an automatic press rather than a manual one. One of the critical variables in heat pressing is pressure. On a manual press pressure is regulated by turning a knob. An automatic press features pneumatic cylinders which precisely control pressure in pounds per square inch. SUBLISTAR heat press calenders are available with various drum sizes and different working widths, depending on the application. Machines and lines can be delivered standardized or complete custom made. Any questions, welcome to contact us.



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