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How to Protect Your Maintain a Heat Press Machine?

How to Protect Your Maintain a Heat Press Machine?

As we all known, the price of a rotary heat press calender always is expensive, so please pay attention to maintain it correctly. Today’s article will share how to maintain a calender. 🙂

heat press machine

1. Remember to keep your machine clean, this is basic, and also important.
2. Check every part of the heat press machine regularly to make sure they can work normally.
3. Each time before you start operating, remember the rotary heat press calender must be refueling according to the rules.
calender heat press 4. The roller heat press machine on the gas source processor should close the gas 2 times a day; aerosol oil, adjusted to 4-5 drops per minute, and in the refueling to gas.
5. Joint head: drops of butter (a week/time, 10-20g), oil (1-2 drops, 3 days/times).
6. Be careful when pressing the emergency stop button. Often use this button is harmful to the chain, towline and belt.
7. Sometimes the optical axis will drop oil twice a week. The best method to avoid this situation is by using good quality media.
8. When cleaning of the table glue, we should avoid table adhesive to the end of the wheel. If you find that the end of the wheel sticky plastic, dry wipe it, or it will influence the transfer printing result.


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