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How to Choose A Manufacturer of Heat Press Machine?

How to Choose A Manufacturer of Heat Press Machine?

A heat press machine is the cornerstone of a heat press printing, so, we need to look for a reliable manufacturer.  Today we are going to share some questions that you should ask the supplier of the heat press machine.

heat press machine

(1. Does the company you’re buying your heat press from have reliable customer service and tech support?

(2. Do they provide troubleshooting resources online and over the phone?

(3. Are they quick to resolve issues for their customers?

heat transfer machine Time is one of the key ingredients to a successful heat transfer application so an accurate timer is imperative. A timer on the heat press calender will also save you many headaches in the long run.

(1. Are the time, temperature, and pressure readings digital or analog? Digital is preferred for accuracy.

(2. Does the timer reset automatically with each application? • Does the press beep or open automatically when the time is up? A heat press that automatically opens when the time up to allows you to multi-task in a busy shop without leaving your garments on the press too long.

(3. Is the press programmable? Temperature Accurate temperature is key to a durable heat transfer application.

(4. What kind of temperature gauge does the press have?

(5. Does the press use a bimetallic thermometer (5-10 degree temperature variance) or an RTD probe (+/- 2 degree variance)?

(6. How are the heating elements spaced out inside the press? Elements that are spaced no more than 2 inches apart will ensure edge to edge heat without ‘cold spots’.

(7. How thick is the heat press platen? Thinner lighter platens will lose heat much more quickly than those that are ¾” thick.

(8.  How high does the temperature go? Some applications require to heat up to 400º.

(9. How long does the press take to heat up? 20 minutes is standard. An auto power feature will allow you to set the press to power on at a certain time, so it’s ready to start pressing when you are.

Here are the questions that I think are very important. In a word, a broken heat transfer machine doesn’t help your business, getting a broken press back up and running quickly is imperative to your business’ success. Knowing who you’re buying from and what their business looks like will help you feel confident in your purchase.


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