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Why you Need A Heat Press Calender for T-shirt Printing Business?

Why you Need A Heat Press Calender for T-shirt Printing Business?

Believe it or not, one of the businesses that you could easily start is a t-shirt printing business.  You’re probably thinking that it requires special knowledge and many years of experience. Actually, it’s no truth. You only need a Heat Press Calender.

heat press calender

Huge Demand for T-shirts

T-shirts are a natural choice to commemorate special events. They are functional. They look good. They don’t cost all that much money. Plus, they can be printed up fairly quickly and easily. The same considerations apply to family reunions. The list of events goes on and on. Don’t think of t-shirts as just fashion or items that you seek out at boutiques at a mall somewhere. In most cases, t-shirts are made for excellent remembrance of events.

heat transfer machineHow Does a T-shirt Heat Press Machine Work?

You only need to lay the shirt that you’re printing on a flat surface, then apply the vinyl design (paper surface) that you’re going to transfer. Then apply the t-shirt heat press machine right on top of the transfer paper. Think of it as a giant flat steam iron. That’s all it is! It applies heat on the vinyl transfer so the vinyl sticks to the shirt. No mess. No drama. All good. In fact, after as little as twenty seconds, you have yourself a nice-looking and professionally-printed t-shirt.

It’s very quick. And even if you’re dealing with fairly-high local labor prices, you can still generate a quite decent profit margin with your t-shirt heat transfer machine. These machines crank out shirts so fast that you can save money on labor by hiring one part-timer to take care of all your clients’ t-shirt design and printing needs. Also, due to the huge number of t-shirt brands and direct manufacturers coming from overseas, your biggest cost, the t-shirt, is getting cheaper and cheaper every year. Even t-shirts made of the finest cotton fibers are going down in price.

Put all these factors together and you’ll be looking at a fairly lucrative business with a heat press calender.


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