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A Guideline to Use A Heat Press to Design and Print Your Own Unique T-shirt

A Guideline to Use A Heat Press to Design and Print Your Own Unique T-shirt

rotary heat transfer machineHeat transfer stands out as a modern, effortless, and flexible method of printing your artwork onto t-shirts. If you want to know how to heat press a t-shirt then you can read our guideline.


Designing clothes have evolved and it has become a great alternative to the classic screen printing. Heat transfer gives your shirt or any garment a neat and nice look. You can be sure of getting that awesome design printed on your shirt exactly the way it looks on the screen.


rotary heat transfer machineThe concept of heat transfer is very simple; all you need is a heat press machine, an inkjet printer with regular printer inks or T-shirt inks. The paper used for heat presses in T-shirt printing is called carrier paper.


This carrier paper has a film on it. The unprinted part of this sheet has to be trimmed using a vinyl cutting machine before printing, and the transfer paper is then placed on the shirt and heated in a heat press with medium to high pressure.


Whether you are using a basic or sophisticated heat transfer machines, heat press machines basically function and operate the same way. Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to use a heat press machine:


  • Turn on the machine by pressing the on/off switch
  • Turn the thermostat knob to the right until you can see the red heating light.
  • Turn the knob back to the left until the heating light turns off when the thermometer indicates the desired temperature for your transfer, The red heating light will turn on and off at intervals to regulate your desired temperature.
  • Set the heating time by pressing your digital timer if your machine has one. Press stop to reset when you hear the alarm.
  • Open the press by lifting the handle
  • Lay the transfer onto the spot you want the design to appear on the paper.
  • Close the machine against your fabric and the transfer and lock it firmly.
  • Set the timer based on the instructions you see on your transfer paper.
  • Lift the handle to open the machine.
  • Peel the transfer paper off the face of your shirt. You should read the instructions to know whether it is a “hot peel” or “cold peel” paper.
  • Wait for at least 24 hours before washing.


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