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How to Make Money With A Dye Sublimation Calender?

How to Make Money With A Dye Sublimation Calender?

Have you ever wondered about how the printing on T-shirts, mugs, and pillows are produced? What is the secret behind these printing products? Actually, the secret lies in the usage of dye sublimation calender. In today’s blog, we would like to take you on a journey of discovering how to make money with a heat press machine.

dye sublimation calender

In short, a heat transfer machine is a machine used to print images or certain patterns onto the fabric or surface of sublimation materials. Therefore, let me share with you 4 legit ways as to how you can get money using the machine

heat press machine 1. Start your own T-shirt business

Thinking of starting your own T-shirt line? If that’s the case, consider a heat transfer printing as a method for you to create your T-shirt printing business. You can create your own custom and personalized t-shirts and generate high income using a calender heat press.

2. Gift shop

The dye sublimation calender is only to T-shirts? Of course, is not! Gift giving is a culture embedded in every society. What are the best ways to portray your intention rather than gifts? With a heat press, not only you can create a T-shirt but you can create over 200 gift items which include a custom photo rack for your customer, keychains, puzzles, plates and so much more.

heat transfer machine 3. Phone casing PROJECT

Custom phone casing is in demand nowadays. More people are looking for their own custom phone casing design to suit their needs and personality. WHY NOT? Take advantage of this situation and start your own business now.

4. Door Gift Business

There are tons of future brides and grooms are looking for door gifts for their wedding. Why don’t you start your door gift business now? A nonwoven bag makes a nice perfect door gift for any guests.

Here are 4 ways to make money with a heat press machine, if you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you for your reading.


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