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Digital Sublimation Printing: Tips for Successfully Sublimate Mugs

Digital Sublimation Printing: Tips for Successfully Sublimate Mugs

As we all know, it is easy to sublimate mugs. However, there are some other ways to improve the quality of work even better and make your digital sublimation printing work more efficient. Here are some useful tips to follow in this regard.

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  • If you are not sure about for how long the mug is inside the oven, you can bring it out and slightly peel from the corners to ensure whether digital sublimation printing is done or not. When the oven doesn’t get hot enough, you might face the issue. In that case, consider increasing the temperature and keep it inside for longer.
  • If you want to use the same mug wrap for sublimating a few other mugs, consider to keep the wrap in its best shape. Make sure the wrap is cooled off before you place it on another mug.
  • When you bring the mug out of the oven, get off the thermal paper as soon as possible to cool the mug’s surface. The sooner you will do, the fast it will complete sublimation printing process. Putting the mug in a room temperature water bucket will make the process faster.
  • If the mug you will sublimate doesn’t have a perfect round shape, it has a few peaks on it, you need to lightly wet the surface before placing the transfer paper.
  • Even though the machine shows, the temperature is set to the recommended settings, manually set it to 400 degrees. Sometimes the machine stays much cooler at the recommended setting.
  • You must ensure there is enough pressure on the mug to print the design evenly. Try bolt-style mug wrap by a socket wrench to make it even tight.
  • Be sure to always use right hand gloves to take the mug out of the oven.
  • You need to measure from one handle to another. Leave about a ¾ inch gap on both the handles.
  • If you ruin the mug or mess it up, store it for later testing.
  • Use as much as heat tape to make the design tight and non-slippery. Consider trimming the left and right side of the paper to attach the tape over the section that doesn’t contain the image.
  • Consider cutting the taper portion from the design. If you attempt to sublimate, include the taper, it will make spotty and uneven image.

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