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Different Available Sizes of Heat Presses on the Market

Different Available Sizes of Heat Presses on the Market

Different sizes of heat press may affect the size and type of items they can press, for example, small presses can only work on small T-shirts and fabrics while large presses can work on odd items, such as mugs and helmets.

Now to break it down for you, there are different available sizes of heat presses on the market.

different sizes of heat presses

1. Very small presses
The very small heat presses, that are normally referred to as “label presses,” range from presses measuring 4” x 6”, 6” x 6” and 6” by 8”. These presses are suitable for small items, such as baby clothes and tote bags.

These presses can also be used to work on large items that only small area is needed to be heated. These heat presses take little space due to its compactness. Thus, they are suitable for hobby purposes and people who use them for small work like printing their favorite T-shirts. The very small presses cost less. It only works on small items and accommodates less volume.

2. Small Presses
The small presses vary from 9” x 12” to 12” x 14”. They are portable, thanks to their relatively small size, and are inexpensive compared to the larger ones. They are able to press on items, for example, small T-shirts. This size also takes less space and is convenient for people with space constraints. They are also suitable for people with less work or those who print shirts as a hobby.

different sizes of heat presses

3. Medium presses
The medium heat presses on average measure about 15” x 15”. They are large enough for people with medium businesses and have more power, hence suitable for people who do repetitive work. They are much cheaper and can press medium-sized items. This machine is ideal for a medium-sized businessman.

4. Large presses
Large presses come in measure up to 40” x 64”. These monsters are only used in leading world brands where there is a high turnover of artistic items such as ceramic tiles, mugs, and printed T-shirts. These presses are effective and function all the time without glitches.

Overall, heat press machines are a great deal for graphic imprinting, from hobby activities to large businesses. They produce high-quality products, hence the widely popular artistic market and T-shirt brands around the world. Heat press machine size is just one of the many factors to be considered when shopping for such a machine.


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